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Calgary Holistic Veterinary Clinic is located at 105, 1640 – 16th Avenue NW. Calgary, AB  T2M 0L6 | 403.289.1616
Wednesday, July 26, 2017
Meet Our Team

Dr. Yanhui Qi
Dr. Qi graduated from the Beijing Veterinary College in 1984 and achieved his Masters degree in Veterinary Medicine in 1987. Dr. Qi worked for the Traditional Chinese Medicine Institute in China as a a researcher while studying Traditional Chinese Medicine for 5 years. Since 1992, Dr. Qi has lived in North America where he has practiced in primary care as well as Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicines in small animal care clinics in New York, Toronto, and Winnipeg before finding a home in Calgary in 2001.

Dr. Qi has practiced veterinary medicine for 23 years and is the co-owner and operator of the Calgary Holistic Veterinary Clinic. He loves what he does and enjoys going into work everyday.

In addition to his love of veterinary medicine, Dr. Qi also has another love – his family. Married for 18 years, Dr. Qi has 2 children; Alex and Alvin as well as to a small Bicon Shitzu Cross named “Berry”. Dr. Qi has a very busy family, as both Alvin and Alex play soccer, so when he is not at the clinic, chances are you will see him on the sidelines cheering on his boys at their games.

Dr. Veronica Devall
At Calgary Holistic Veterinary Clinic, we continue to offer a number of alternative therapies, including chiropractic care, that have provided relief and comfort to many of our patients. 
We are pleased to announce that effective October 27th 2010 Dr. Veronica Devall will be working at Calgary Holistic Veterinary Clinic.
Dr. Veronica Devall graduated in 1989 from WCVM and has focused her veterinary career on pain management and rehabilitation.  She is a Certified Canine Rehabilitation Therapist (CRI).  She also holds certifications in Veterinary Acupuncture (IVAS) and Veterinary Spinal Manipulative Therapy/ Animal Chiropractic (AVCA) and is the first Canadian to be certified as a Veterinary Pain Practitioner through the International Veterinary Association of Pain Management. She is also an instructor for the Canadian Veterinary Acupuncture Association.  She has volunteered as a trail veterinarian for many years on both the Iditarod and Yukon Quest sled dog races.

Dr. Devall’s services include acupuncture, chiropractic and postural rehabilitation and low level therapeutic laser.

  • Conditions treated include:
  • Orthopedic trauma
  • Neurological injuries including disc prolapse
  • Geriatric deconditioning and chronic pain
  • Degenerative joint disease
  • Tendonopathies and muscle strains
  • Athletic conditioning
Dr. Devall’s hours are Tuesday from 5pm-8pm and Wednesday from 8:45am to 12:45pm.

We look forward to providing ongoing healthcare for your pet and hope to see you and your pet soon. 

Traci Geremia, BPE, Athletic Therapy, ESpMT
Traci graduated from the University of Manitoba with a Kinesiology degree, and a minor in Athletic Therapy. Traci spent a couple years working with the University sport teams as a student athletic therapist and also spent many hours working in a clinic setting. Traci found that she loved the work, however grew tired of treating humans. A few years later, she discovered massage therapy for animals and she knew it was what exactly what she wanted to do – where her heart was. With her education and experiences with both people and animals, she attended courses in the U.S.A.

Traci has had dogs her entire life and for the past 7.5 years has been competing in working venues with her dogs. Traci finds most of her clients are working, show, obedience dogs, or house pets who are aging, tired or sore. Massage is invaluable to both. She feels taking the holistic approach to healing, healing from the inside is so very important and working at the Calgary Holistic Veterinary Clinic with Chiropractors and Holistic Veterinarians is a key to her success with her clients.

Traci lives with her husband, and two children. She also shares a big part of her life with her Rottweilers, her 14.5 year old Malamute and 2 cats. Her pets act as her teachers and demonstration models for her work.


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