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Acupuncture can be defined as the insertion of micro thin needles info specific points along the body to cause a desired healing effect.

Chinese Herbs

Chinese Herbs are an ancient medical art using plants to treat variable diseases from common colds to liver, kidney and even cancer problems.

Raw Food

At Calgary Holistic Veterinary Clinic we offer a wide range of veterinary grade nutritional products for your pets, however raw food feeding has gained considerable attention in recent months.


Chiropractic is a drugless method of health care. Animals respond to chiropractic adjustments as human patients do. Many animals could benefit from Chiropractic care.

Conventional Services

We are committed to providing effective care with a balance between conventional medicine and holistic veterinary medicine for the well being of your pet.

Calgary Holistic Veterinary Clinic

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Caring for all your family

It is our mission to treat each pet as if they are a member of our own family. We practice respect, courtesy, empathy and responsibility on a daily basis. It is these characteristics that set us apart from other clinics as we want your entire experience with Calgary Holistic Veterinary Clinic to be beneficial to you and your pet.

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Pet Health Library

We share the same goal – ensuring your animal companion is healthy and happy. Calgary Holistic Veterinary Clinic is pleased is to provide a library of professionally written articles updated by practice experts and reviewed by practitioners to bring you the most up-to-date, trustworthy pet health information.

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