Chinese Herbs

What are Chinese Herbs?

Chinese Herbs are an ancient medical art using plants to treat variable diseases from common colds to liver, kidney and even cancer problems.

What are in Chinese Herbs?

Most Chinese Herbs are made with plants, although some are also made with insects and minerals.

What kind of problems will Chinese Herbs help treat?

Chinese Herbs can be applied to every kind of disease. In our clinic, the most common problems we treat include, but are not limited to:

  • Cancer treatment
  • Arthritis and pain control
  • Liver, kidney, hyperthyroidism, Cushings, Addisons disease, etc.
  • Digestive problems
  • Cardiac problems

What forms do the Herbs come in?

You can get in raw form, but our Herbs also come in powders, capsules and pill form, depending on Herbs you are getting.

How do Herbs work?

From a traditional Chinese medicine point of view, disease is an imbalance inside the body and a disagreement of body and environment. The Chinese Herbs and Acupuncture will re-balance the body and harmonize body and environment.

How much will the herbs cost me?

Cost of Chinese Herbs are varied. It depends on the severity of the problem and the size of the pet.